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February 14, 2017

Second Time’s A Charm

I think it’s fair to say that the blog portion of our website has been a total flop. When we launched the website, we had grand ideas of connecting with our cider fans on a regular basis. Our goal was to help everyone feel involved in the cider making process and to keep them up to date with events and tastings. What we didn’t realize was that making and selling cider takes a lot of time. It turns out, that at the end of a long day of pressing or bottling or tastings, we are generally more interested in drinking a cider than writing about it.

Now, in our sixth year of operation, we have many of the new business hiccups sorted out and a bit more help around the ciderhouse. It seems like the time to revive the blog is now. Hopefully the second time’s a charm.

posted by: Kate