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March 8, 2017

Cider Pairings

Every so often a cider customer asks me the dreaded question, “what foods pair best with cider?” I have no idea what to say, but my first thought is, “Everything”. While I generally believe this to be true, I recently participated in a cheese and cider tasting which, opened my eyes to how certain pairings can affect the way both the cider and the cheese are experienced. During the tasting, I found that a carbonated moderately acidic cider brought out the creaminess and slightly sweet notes in an aged cheddar, while a strong blue paired with a slightly sweeter cider gives a sweet and salty flavour contrast that is very pleasing.


With this in mind, we are working with some of the awesome restaurants and bars serving our ciders to pass on some amazing food and cider pairings. Stay tuned to our Instagram @leftfieldcider.

For more information about cider pairings, check out this link to a great article from Serious Eats

posted by: Kate