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April 17, 2017

Markets, Markets, Markets!

IMG_2323As you may know, for the past couple of years, BC craft liquor producers have been allowed to sample and sell their products at farmer’s markets. Last summer we decided to sign up for a few days at the Kamloops Farmer’s Market to see what it was like. Not only did we have a great time meeting new customers and selling our ciders, we were also able to connect with other amazing farmers and producers to learn about the interesting and delicious things that they are producing.

We loved the experience so much that we have decided to participate in a number of markets this year. Check out where we are going to be, stop by to say hi and have a sample of this year’s cider.

Abbotsford Farmer’s Market – Saturday

June 3
July 15
August 5
September 16
October 14

Ambleside Market (West Vancouver) – Sunday

October 1
October 29

Burnaby Farmer’s Market – Saturday

September 30
October 28

Downtown Market (Vancouver) – Thursday

June 8
July 6
August 3
August 31
September 28

Kamloops Farmer’s Market – Saturday

May 13
June 10
July 8
August 12
September 9
October 14

Kitsilano Market (Vancouver) – Sunday

May 14
July 16

Langley Community Farmer’s Market – Wednesday

June 14
June 28
July 12
July 26
August 9

Trout Lake Market (Vancouver)

June 24

West End Market (Vancouver)

August 26

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March 8, 2017

Cider Pairings

Every so often a cider customer asks me the dreaded question, “what foods pair best with cider?” I have no idea what to say, but my first thought is, “Everything”. While I generally believe this to be true, I recently participated in a cheese and cider tasting which, opened my eyes to how certain pairings can affect the way both the cider and the cheese are experienced. During the tasting, I found that a carbonated moderately acidic cider brought out the creaminess and slightly sweet notes in an aged cheddar, while a strong blue paired with a slightly sweeter cider gives a sweet and salty flavour contrast that is very pleasing.


With this in mind, we are working with some of the awesome restaurants and bars serving our ciders to pass on some amazing food and cider pairings. Stay tuned to our Instagram @leftfieldcider.

For more information about cider pairings, check out this link to a great article from Serious Eats

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February 14, 2017

Second Time’s A Charm

I think it’s fair to say that the blog portion of our website has been a total flop. When we launched the website, we had grand ideas of connecting with our cider fans on a regular basis. Our goal was to help everyone feel involved in the cider making process and to keep them up to date with events and tastings. What we didn’t realize was that making and selling cider takes a lot of time. It turns out, that at the end of a long day of pressing or bottling or tastings, we are generally more interested in drinking a cider than writing about it.

Now, in our sixth year of operation, we have many of the new business hiccups sorted out and a bit more help around the ciderhouse. It seems like the time to revive the blog is now. Hopefully the second time’s a charm.

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